Page of Honor

People aren’t born equal, and people’s statuses vary depending on the circumstances they are into. Some are born rich, some are born poor. Some are lucky to have opportunities handed on to them, while some are still waiting for those opportunities or for even a miracle to happen. This is reality, and this is what is happening to the world right now. This harsh reality is what we seek to remedy in this cruel world.

For us who are adequately blessed, we should know how and when to give back to the community. We are sociable individuals who should be selfless enough to recognize other people’s difficulties and be ready to offer a helping hand for such people. We, at Usen Development Foundation, are determined to share these blessings to the world especially to those who are needy and have less in life in the Usen Community and its neighboring communities. We initiate projects to assist them in alleviating their status. On this page, we celebrate men and women of HONOR who have contributed much to the success of our medical aids, missions and scholarship programs.

(pictures of projects and biographies of benefactors will go here)