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Who We Are

Usen Development Foundation USA, Chicago Chapter, was part of an international body constituted in 2001 as an umbrella organization for all Usen community organizations in Europe, the United States, and Canada. It was founded as a not-for-profit organization with the mandate to help alleviate poverty in our homeland through medical and educational assistance to the children of our homeland, our state, and our country. We also develop the human spirit.

Since the founding of Usen Development Foundation USA, Chicago Branch, it has been very active, socially, in our homeland and her environs in carrying out our founding objectives. We have been providing writing materials to elementary and high school students in the community and surrounding villages. We have provided computers and projector to the Institute of Management and Technology. We have renovated the women and children’s wards at the government hospital. Recently, we have provided the hospital with wheel chairs. We have also provided the Egbe-boys band with musical instruments to help promote and sustain our culture.

In addition to our commitment to the homeland, we also provide social, emotional, and physical support to all Usenians (regardless of membership) in the United States. The newly arrived citizens of our homeland can count on us to help them navigate through life in the United States, thus preventing their dependence on the government.

Membership – membership is open to all sons and daughters of Usen by birth, marriage, ancestral lineage, and all men of goodwill.

Meeting – the foundation members meet once a month on the second Sunday of every month. Hosting is rotated among the members on an agreed schedule drawn out at the beginning of the year. All members are expected to attend. External members can do teleconferencing.

Funding – our projects are funded by members through monthly dues, levies, and donations from the public.