Usenland originated as a farmstead about the tenth century A.D. It was founded by some indigenes of Ile-Ife, who migrated to settle on the well-drained and fertile plain of the present Odomukpe quarters of the town. The leader of these first settlers was called Oyebo. He was a farmer and a famous hunter who was very eager to kill any game in the gigantic forest where he settled. Tradition has it that during one of his expeditions, he discovered a stream that he named ERI-ODE (the hunter’s stream). The stream is now commonly called EREDE. The stream was later believed to have some mystical powers. It was accordingly deified. Erede is one of the most revered deities that are worshipped by the people of Usen.

Oyebo was an elegant man. He was hardworking, respectful, honest, and courageous. He had a strong affinity with Ile-Ife, which made him visit Ile-Ife frequently and persuade his co-settlers to adhere strictly to the culture of Ile-Ife. The prosperity, comfort, and peace which he radiated whenever he visited Ile-Ife attracted more indigenes of Ife to the “new foundland”. The place expanded and Oyebo and his co-settlers regarded it as an extension of Ile-Ife and named it Ufe-kekere (Little Ife).

He went to request the Olofen (Ooni of Ife) to send one of his sons to rule over the settlement so as to enhance its status among other settlements. It was the practice in those days for Princes of Ife to be sent out to rule in other settlements. The Ooni obliged and gave the necessary regalia and staff of office to one of his sons to become the traditional ruler of the settlement. The new traditional ruler took the title ALADIN.

On arrival at the settlement, he decided to change the name “Ufe-Kekere” so that it would not conflict with Ile-Ife, his ancestral home. He considered the place a land of fortune and named it “Ode Awure”. His Royal Highness Aladin thus became the first OluAwure of Ode Awure. The current OluAwure, His Majesty, OluOgbe II, is the thirty-third (33rd) OluAwure of OdeAwure (Usenland).