Usenland, home of Edo State Institute of Technology and Management, can be located at the coordinates of longitude 5.23 east of Greenwich Meridian and Latitude 6.48 north of the Equator. It lies to the north-north-west of Benin City south-east of Ile-Ife. It is in Ovia South-West, the local government area of Edo State. The town covers an area of approximately 16sq. Kilometers.

The immediate area of the town’s influence, including traditional authority and economic activities, is referred to as Usen community. The community covers an area of about one thousand five hundred (1,500) square kilometers. It is bounded on the west and north by Ondo State, on the east by Ovia North-East local government, and on the south by Iguobazuwa Ward II. The towns and villages in this area were founded with the traditional authority of the OluAwure of Usenland. Those villages are the immediate neighbors of Usenland.

Usenland is a typical old settlement. The township scape is pictorially original. It is endowed with natural beauty and wonders.

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