Support Our Cause for Community Development

As a charitable organization, we invite everyone to support our cause so that we would be able to live harmoniously together in this world. We only desire the best for our brethren who are in need, and as people who are capable of helping them, we should be able to help them as much as we can.

Who knows? Maybe they will be the people who will also be helping us when we are in times of need. We invite you to participate in our community development projects at Usen Development Foundation:

  • Feeding Programs for the Hungry
  • Equality in Educational Opportunities
  • Reduce the Number of Homeless People
  • Advocate for the Rights of the Abused
  • Emotionally Support the Victims of Natural Calamities
  • Promote Quality Healthcare
  • Offer Reliable Aid to Orphans
Country Club Hills Back to School Event August 18th 2018
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